July 5, 2008


We enjoyed many "F's" yesterday!!

I planned to get out my patriotic decorations, but always wait until the last minute....When I went up to the attic to get them.... Good 'ol Uncle Sam was all I found!!

We have all kinds of wooden stars, flags, firecrackers.... from our
"Home Grown Country Collectable"days!!

Better luck next year!!

We enjoyed some yummy Food on the Fourth with a few of our Fantastic Friends!!

Then we went to watch some Fabulous Fireworks!!

My "sweet hubby" grilled the burgers about an hour before our guests came over......We decided to try a trick we learned in the baseball concession stand. Mix warm water with some beef bullion, garlic salt, onion flakes & a little Soy sauce....put your hot off the grill hamburger patties in the crockpot.....pour mixture over the patties....when it's time to eat..... you have hot juicey meat ready to eat!!

July 4, 2008

~~Happy 4th of July~~

Don't you just love Independence Day!!
We truly have much to be thankful for. We are a blessed nation.

We got together this afternoon with my parents & some of our favorite friends!!
Have you ever played "Blitz"??

It's a card game you play with quarters & a deck of cards.

Fun!! Fun!!

We are off to a Red Hawks baseball game & some Fireworks!!

July 3, 2008

******Wanted****** Chinese Laundry Lady!

I'd rather scrub the tub or clean the toilet than do laundry!
I tend to put it off until I can't walk into my closet.
Most of my clothes are cold wash, gentle cycle & hang to dry......
Way to many steps for me!!
Not to mention that I have to fold, hang & put them away!!
My other bad habit is running a load & getting busy with another project......
Stinky ~~ Winky when I finally remember it.
Most of the time it has to be washed again:(
When I do get into the laundry groove I fold & make these nice neat stacks of clothes for my boys only to have them dump them into a big pile on their bedroom floor......I try not to go upstairs to their rooms very often.
I just get my panties into a twist when I do!!

I would much rather be having Fun in The Sun!!

I better get back to my piles!!

July 2, 2008

Sweaty Betty!!

This is where I spend a big part of my day!! I love working outside in the yard!!
These are few pics of our lower pond.

I would much rather be outside working in the yard than inside doing laundry!!
The down side to working outside is I turn into "Sweaty Betty"!!

June 29, 2008

Dog Daze of Summer!

My dogs have a wonderful life!!

~Eat~Sleep~Play~Belly Rub~Walk~Back Scratch~

You can always count on them being happy to see you when you come in the front door!

Never mind that dog hair is a condiment at our house!!

Don't even think about wearing black clothes unless you have a lint brush close by!!

Daisy, Jaycee & Freckels are best freinds & get along better than my boys do!!

It's a good thing my sweet hubby is also a dog lover.

We share the bed with our furry friends!

It's truly a "Dogs Life" around here!!

Do you have a special pet in your life?

Friends that have dropped in to take a peek!!

Music to my ears!!!

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