December 15, 2007

What Have We Done?!?

We might have a little less in our stockings on Christmas morning this year!!

My "sweet hubby" & I pretty much lost our minds Friday evening!!
Daisy is ~sniffing~ out the newest member of our family!!
We are pleased to Introduce:
"Sir Freckles of Ashebury"
Freckles for short!

Boy, will I have some fun Blog shots to share now!!

Can you tell that I am pretty much over the whole bird drama thing!!

I'm afraid that this little guy is going to be a huge distraction to my list of holiday shores!! Yikes!!

December 13, 2007

Holiday Panic?!?!

Only 11 days until Christmas!!
I can't decide if I should shift into panic mode yet!?!
If it wasn't so cold outside, I think that I'd go out & sit on this chair & look at the Christmas lights!!
This little tree reminds me that I need to enjoy the "simple" things about the holiday!!

December 12, 2007

~~Pets Gone Wild~~

Doesn't Bert look GUILTY???
I think this is when they were planning the big attack!! Jaycee must have been the look~out guy!!
When I got home from work today, there were yellow feathers on the floor in the livingroom. The above 3 animals ( I am not calling them pets at the moment, I just need a little time.) were acting very guilty. One quick check of my bird cage confirmed my worst fear.......I am greiving the loss of one of my sweet canaries.....
This is one of my lifes bitter apples!!!:(

December 11, 2007

Winter Wonderland!!

The weather man wasn't joking when he said an ice storm was coming our way!!
I will stock up & be ready next time with flashlight in hand!!
This is a picture right down the street from my house.
It's pretty to look at, but hard on the trees & power lines!!
I just noticed that the date is wrong on my camera!!
These are some shots on my patio. Burr~ doesn't it look cold!!

We had freezing rain on & off for a few days!!
Those spots are rain drops!!The boys thought the best part was not having school for 2 days!!
We lost power a few times, but luckily it came back on.
There are still a lot of homes in our town that are still in the dark.
Best wishes to them!

Friends that have dropped in to take a peek!!

Music to my ears!!!

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