August 9, 2008

Beary Busy at Work!!

August is my busiest time at work.
There doesn't seem to be enough time to get it all done!
When new families come into my office to enroll their kiddo, I want them to fill Welcome.
Middle school students are in such a transitional phase in life.
I guess we matter what phase we're in need a smile & a kind word!!

August 8, 2008

A Blessed Birthday!!

Today is my Birthday!!
I was born on 8x8=64
A dear friend of mine died of breast cancer 10 years ago.
We should be thankful for every birthday we are blessed with!!
My Mom & Dad brought this yummy cookie by work today!!
My sweet hubby gave me the pretty flowers for our 24th wedding anniversary....witch was on August 4th!!
I am very blessed!!

August 7, 2008


These are 3 of my very favorite boys!!
Nathan, my sweet hubby John & Collin.
I think they are "handsome" even when they are wet!!!

Nathan is getting ready to spread his wings & leave the nest!!
I'm gonna miss seeing that "goofy" smile everyday!!
I miss you already Nathan!!

August 3, 2008

Just a bowl full of Cherries!!

You know the old analogy.....Life is like a bowl full of cherries!....
mostly sweet....but, you need to watch out for the pits!!
A bowl of cherries like this disappears really fast at our house!!
We enjoy them as a favorite summer time treat!!
Hope you had a great weekend!!

Friends that have dropped in to take a peek!!

Music to my ears!!!

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