March 25, 2008

Just a random post!!

Do you ever wonder what makes some people content with what life gives them??
I know people that don't need a bunch of extra fluff to be happy!!
I really admire that!!

These pictures have nothing to do with this post!! I just don't like posting without any photos!! So, this is what you get! A few more shots of our hall bathroom redo!!

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get a puppy with a wiggle butt to stop peeing when he gets excited??

Sir Freckels will be 5 months old on March 30th. He is doing better with the potty training except when someone comes to the front door.

This is what happens....The doorbell rings, all 3 dogs start barking & run to the front door to see who has come over to play! Freckels gets so excited that he starts wiggling like crazy! Looking at him you might think that his butt is going to wiggle right off.

That is when it happens.... the pee wiggles right out of him every single time!!

Out comes the disinfectant spray & mop for the ump~teenth time.

Cleaning up wiggle butt pee is getting really old!!

I'm open to any & all suggestions!!

March 23, 2008

**The Lord Has Risen**

Happy Easter!! We enjoyed a beautiful day with my family!!
My niece Kelsey & sister Kathy fixed this cute Easter sign!!
I love Spring!!

Friends that have dropped in to take a peek!!

Music to my ears!!!

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