November 12, 2007

Easy Supper!!

All you need is:

Polish Sausage
Beef broth
Canned beans (your choice!)
Salt & Pepper
Dump in crock pot & cook for a few hours.
This is yummy poured over a bowl of rice!!

Boring Cabinets!!

I'm lucky to have more than 50 cabinets in my kitchen. Pretty amazing!! Can you believe that I have stuff in every one of them?? We have lived in this house almost 5 years. I decided that all of those "boring" kitchen cabinets needed a little "punch"!! We found the knobs that we liked at Lowes. But, 50+ knobs were going to cost a small fortune!! We turned to the internet. Don't you just love the endless shopping opportunity that the Web provides!! We found a site that had the same exact knobs that Lowes had at a much lower price. Yippy!! My sweet hubby started drilling the holes last evening. I'll show you some after shots later this week!!
Enjoy your Monday!!

November 11, 2007

This Party Queen is Stepping Down!!

I've been a blogging slacker for the past 11 days! I can't
believe it's been so long since I've posted.
But, I've been busy working on my title as party queen!! I had a Creative Memories party for one of my girl friends on Thursday!! I told another friend that I better stop having these parties, because people are going to start avoiding me. We all know someone that is always sending out invitations to the latest homeshow. I don't want to get that reputation!!

Parties are fun, but alot of work!! I am passing my party queen tiara onto someone else!!

Friends that have dropped in to take a peek!!

Music to my ears!!!

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