August 2, 2008

Fun in the Sun?!?

We went to White Water yesterday.....Oh!!!
When the boys were little we had Zoo passes...White Water passes...etc...Now it is no small miracle to get all four of us at the same place at the same time!!
Anyway, we met some family there to help celebrate one of our nieces 16th B-day!!
As I was floating down the Lazy River, while the rest of the family was waiting in long hot lines...I started reflecting on the many interesting sights & sounds around me!!
Sorry if I offend anyone !!
There is the "Pre~Madonna Momma" with the perfect hair...tan & figure(including boob job)!!
Then you've got the way to "big" for his swim trunks middle aged man with the tatoo from Hades that would scare some adults not to mention most small children!!
There are the "horny teenagers"...that are stuck in a lip~lock fixing to do who knows what!!
Then you've got the lady that is still wearing her bikini from the '80's...but it's just a tad to small to keep all of called
"baby fat" tucked in!!
Then there are all of those precious children that are just having "fun in the sun"....witch would be just fine if they wouldn't splash me in the face and scream in my ears as they swim by...almost knocking me off of my floatation device !!
I saw more blubber, cleavage, tatoos, & assorted piercings than I ever care to see again in my lifetime!!
Just one more thing!!
You pay to get in... (witch is way too much$$)
They charge you $5.00 to park...$5.00 to check in your cooler ...& $8.00 to rent a water tube.
I guess time spent with family is supposed to be priceless!...Right?
Ok...I feel much better getting that out of my system!!!
Thanks for letting me vent!!

July 31, 2008

Poka Dot Fun & M&M's

When we were on vacation I found a really cute platter with red poka dots!! The only problem was it cost way too much $$.
When we got back from vacation; my MIL & I went to a ceramic store & I painted a bowl & a platter for less than it would've cost to buy just the platter !!

Pretty cute stuff!!

Have you ever seen these retro M&M bags??

These are our modern day M&M bags!!

I bought over ten pounds of M&M's to put in my apothacary jar!!

I think that these are all very "happy" colors!!

July 30, 2008

Super Simple Supper

My boys love this easy stir fry supper!
All it takes is a little time chopping up the ingrediants!!

Chop up onion, carrots, broccoli & bell peppers.
Microwave veggies in a bowl with a little butter until tender.

Cut either pork or chicken into bite sized pieces....stir in packet of dry stir fry mix....cook meat in a skillet with a little olive oil.
Add veggies...meat...can of baby corn...pineapple chunks...water chestnuts...sweet & sour sauce.

Serve over a bed of rice...add some Chow Mein noodles & Soy Sauce on top!!


July 29, 2008

To Do List!!

Are you a list person??
I make a mental list every morning.

1. Get lazy butt out of bed!
2. Take "furry friends" out to do their business!
3. Take care of general hygiene care!
4. Get dressed!
5. get the picture!

Seriously...I am a user of an Agenda & many lists!!

There is something so gratifying about marking stuff off of a list!

My favorite kind of list is a "Honey Do List" for my sweet hubby!!

July 28, 2008

Foot Fetish!!

These were some very "sad" feet!!
Now....these are my "happy" feet!!
A "Spa~Pedicure" is one of my favorite indulgences!!
It's amazing what those little Vietnamese ladies can do to my icky feet!!
If you haven't ever treated yourself to a's worth the splurge!

July 27, 2008

Easy Fruit Salad!!

Growing up my mom always said we should eat our fruits & veggies!!
I believe that friut is God's way of giving us healthy candy!

I buy lots of fruit....Sometimes I tend to buy more than we can eat while it is still crisp & fresh....when this happens....I cut up the fruit....add some Fruit Fresh & Splenda...a can of pineapple chunks & it's juice!!

What you get is a big bowl of yummy "Fruit Salad"!


Friends that have dropped in to take a peek!!

Music to my ears!!!

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