October 20, 2007

Loven' This Fall Weather!!

Here are a few pics I took this morning !!

I hope the weather in heaven is Fallish!!! We've spent alot of time outside these past few days working on some projects. It has been beautiful.

My sweet hubby & the boys just left to go paintballin, so I have the house all to myself!! I lit 3 of my favorite candles & have the back door open. The birds outside & my canaries inside are just tweeting away!! Such a sweet & peaceful sound. Enjoy your day!!

October 15, 2007

Touch of Fall!!

I'm loving this cooler Fall weather!! Only 2 more work days this week!! Our school is out Thursday & Friday for Fall Break!!

I'm hoping for some "great" inspiration, so I can get some projects done!! If I don't make my *To Do List* too long I won't be disapointed if I don't get much accomplished!!

This is a pic of a little spot on my front porch!!

October 14, 2007

Looking Good!!!

When I got home from work on Friday my sweet hubby had started this nifty project!! We had a low spot on our little sidewalk & when it rained sludge collected & made a slippery spot. After a few close calls & some pretty awesome skid markes; my hubby decided to glue some brick pavers on the low spot. That was a "great" idea, but it looked a little unfinished next to the plain old concret on either side of the pavers. So, being the creative fellow that he is, he sponged a faux brick design. I touched it up with some brickish looking colors & voila~~We've got this "cute" brickish looking sidewalk!!

Friends that have dropped in to take a peek!!

Music to my ears!!!

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