July 30, 2010

Happy Momma!

Ok......I don't usually show pics of myself!! But......I am one happy momma today!! My boys are on their way home from Florida. Yippy!! Nathan (my oldest has been gone for over 2 months & Collin has been gone a week. I've really missed them both. I know it's just a little taste of what my "empty nest" will feel like in a year. :( Have a "Happy Friday"!

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Look beyond the picket fence said...

Hi Chery nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by my blog. I use either hot glue from a glue gun or really any glue stick. Right now the glue stick I am using is "Wrinkle Free", by Scotch. I think they come 2 to a packaage.
Enjoy the time with your boys!

Friends that have dropped in to take a peek!!

Music to my ears!!!

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