March 16, 2009

Spring Break!!

We are out of school this week for Spring Break!!
Wow!! Can you believe that the offical start of Spring is just a few days away!!
Yippy! Skippy!
The forcast is perfect for working outside!!
I better get all of that dirty laundry finished so I can go outside & play!!

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Cathy Cobblestone said...

Hope you had a great spring break - local schools aren't out here for a couple more weeks. You asked if I worked alone and the answer is YES. My hubby helps me a lot in the greenhouse and my dad has been able to help me this year. But honestly, I'm pretty much "a one woman show". I love to do so much - jus' not enough hours in the day. Have a blessed weekend! And I love your lemonade container! Cathy

Friends that have dropped in to take a peek!!

Music to my ears!!!